Water Cooler Dispenser

A Blend of Sustainability and Innovation

Experience the Future of Hydration with Acquabox Water Cooler Dispensers

Discover Acquabox, where advanced technology meets eco-conscious design in our state-of-the-art water cooler dispensers. Crafted for minimal environmental impact, our dispensers are the epitome of sustainability, featuring recyclable materials and boasting a remarkable 75% reduction in CO2 emissions. As a certified member of the RePurpose Plastic Neutral programme, Acquabox stands at the forefront of eco-friendly hydration solutions. With our user-friendly, counter-top bag-in-box design, available in 15 & 20 litre capacities, we offer convenience and accessibility in every sip. Our commitment to fine, naturally-sourced water, with a perfectly balanced pH and rich mineral content, ensures that Acquabox is more than just a water dispenser – it's a pledge to your health and the planet. Ideal for both home and office settings, our dispensers blend seamlessly into any space, providing pure, refreshing water with ease and style. Choose Acquabox for a water cooler dispenser that’s not just a product, but a sustainable lifestyle choice, enhancing your wellbeing while caring for the environment.

Certified good for you and the planet

Certified Plastic Neutral

Naturally-sourced water has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any beverage, and we want the same for our packaging too. As a certified member of RePurpose, Plastic Neutral programme, we have joined the World’s leading Plastic Action Platform and a global coalition of people and companies to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature’s balance.

Fine Water is not just water

Fine Water is intrinsically connected to the source, and not only the natural environment but also the social and cultural environment around the source is respected and protected. As a FWS member we are called to share information and create awareness of the category, differentiating ourselves from the commodity bottled waters.

The right minerals, on tap

Acquabox offers a number of unique elements and benefits, which stem from its key attributes, highlighted on our label: it has a perfectly balanced pH7 and its TDS is 345mg/l, well above the minimum global requirement to be classified as a mineral water. In addition it has a uniquely high source of calcium and magnesium, both essential elements to human health.

Embracing Sustainability with Every Sip

Acquabox Water Cooler Dispensers

At Acquabox, we revolutionise the way you hydrate. Our mission is simple: to provide premium, sustainable hydration solutions. Our water cooler dispensers are not just ordinary—they are a testament to our commitment to the planet and your health.

Why Acquabox Stands Out

  • Sustainable Design: Crafted for minimal environmental impact, Acquabox water dispensers are made from recyclable materials, boasting 75% lower CO2 emissions.
  • Plastic Neutral Certification: We’re not just about words; we're about action. As a proud member of the RePurpose Plastic Neutral programme, we're actively reducing waste and restoring nature’s balance.
  • User-Friendly Features: Our counter-top bag-in-box dispensers, available in 15 litre & 20 litre capacities, feature a self-closing tap, making hydration both convenient and accessible.

Fine Water: More Than Just H2O

Water is the essence of life, and at Acquabox, it's a fine art. Our naturally-sourced water has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the water industry. We are members of the Fine Water Society (FWS), committed to protecting not just the natural environment but the social and cultural milieu around our water sources.

The Acquabox Difference

  • Perfectly Balanced: Our water boasts a pH7 balance and a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content of 345mg/l, surpassing global mineral water standards.
  • Rich in Minerals: High in calcium and magnesium, Acquabox water supports your health with every gulp.

Introducing the Acquabox Water Cooler Dispenser

Our water cooler dispensers are more than a mere appliance; they are a lifestyle choice. Designed for both home and office use, Acquabox dispensers merge functionality with style, ensuring you have access to pure, refreshing water anytime.

Key Features of Our Water Cooler Dispensers

  • Space-Saving Design: Whether you prefer countertops or freestanding models, our water cooler dispensers fit seamlessly into your space.
  • Ease of Use: With simple, intuitive controls, Acquabox water cooler dispensers make staying hydrated effortless.
  • Low Maintenance: Say goodbye to constant refills and maintenance. Our water coolers are designed for ease and longevity.

Countertop vs. Freestanding: Which Water Cooler Dispenser Suits You?

  • Countertop Models: Ideal for smaller spaces, these models offer quick access to water without occupying much room.
  • Freestanding Units: Perfect for higher usage areas, these provide faster access to chilled water and is efficient in any setting.

Extra Features for Extraordinary Experience

  • Safety First: Our Acuqaboxes come with a nifty dispenser to prevent accidents wherever you choose to use it, outdoors or indoors, it will suit any environment.
  • Customised Filling: We've designed our Acquabox dispensers with ample space between the drip tray and faucet to accommodate various container sizes.
  • Material Matters: Choose between stainless steel or plastic reservoirs for a natural, fresh taste.

Your Choice for Sustainable Hydration

Acquabox is more than a product; it’s a commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future. Our water cooler dispensers are designed to provide you not just with water, but with a hydration experience that respects the planet and your wellbeing.

By choosing Acquabox, you're not just selecting a water cooler dispenser; you're embracing a lifestyle of sustainability, health and convenience. Experience the difference today. Stay hydrated, stay healthy, and join us in our mission for a greener tomorrow.