Hydration on tap.

Quench a big thirst with Acquabox, South Africa’s only bag-in-box water dispensing solution.

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More water, less fuss

Acquabox is made more sustainably, it’s recyclable and certified plastic neutral with 75% lower CO2 emissions. Its unique counter top bag-in-box, 15 & 20 litre bulk water solution offers a self closing tap which is user friendly & convenient making water more accessible.

Certified good for you and the planet

Certified Plastic Neutral

Naturally-sourced water has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any beverage, and we want the same for our packaging too. As a certified member of RePurpose, Plastic Neutral programme, we have joined the World’s leading Plastic Action Platform and a global coalition of people and companies to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature’s balance.

Fine Water is not just water

Fine Water is intrinsically connected to the source, and not only the natural environment but also the social and cultural environment around the source is respected and protected. As a FWS member we are called to share information and create awareness of the category, differentiating ourselves from the commodity bottled waters.

The right minerals, on tap

Acquabox offers a number of unique elements and benefits, which stem from its key attributes, highlighted on our label: it has a perfectly balanced pH7 and its TDS is 345mg/l, well above the minimum global requirement to be classified as a mineral water. In addition it has a uniquely high source of calcium and magnesium, both essential elements to human health.

AcquaBox on subscription

Enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted supply of AcquaBox, delivered to your doorstep. No fuss, no constant re-ordering.

Once subscribed, you can sit back and relax. We’ll update you consistently every week or month – as per your selection – keeping you informed about your upcoming water deliveries.

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Warren P.


The whole family loves using the water dispenser! The water has a great taste. This is definitely the best buy ever!